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Daily Current Affairs of 24th October 2020

1) ONION Trade rules/regulations

2) Extension of ESI Scheme to Arunachal Pradesh

3) IIT in Partnership with TCS Sets New Trends in India’s Advanced Manufacturing Sector

4) Astronomers from NCRA-TIFR, Pune, and RRI, Bangalore uncover the mystery behind the decline of star formation rate after its peak 8-10 billion years ago

5) Sustainable Processing of Municipal Solid Waste: ‘Waste to Wealth’

6) Maharashtra Denies consent to CBI

7) Forex Reserves

8) Pakistan on FATF Grey List

9) South Asian Flash Flood Guidance System

10) Deworming in India

In Details:
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WHAT ND10X isn't
ND10X Review:- It is vital to realize that ND10X is not a completely automatic trading system such as robots. Once you start the usage of the device, it's going to generate alternate hints using the proprietary indicators and algorithms. You may be required to the area the forex trades your self through one of the trading platforms (together with Meta trader 4). This means that the gadget isn't a mixture of automated trading robotic and gadgets for doing a foreign exchange.
ND10X is also no longer a machine for skeptics. The writer is claiming that he's going to assist you to make ten-fold returns in your account in a relatively brief amount of time (beneath months). Prospective individuals must take delivery of this declare and pay the non-refundable club fee or appearance elsewhere for guru steering.
WHAT units ND10X other than other products?
ND10X Review:- is precise from different structures starting with the claims it makes. The grade by grade and easy to observe blueprint claims to permit you to rapidly boom your account fee. Mainly, in case you comply with its -step formula, you are intended so one can grow an initial $1,000 up to $10,000 inside 60 days or sooner.
The gadget is likewise distinctive from other merchandise inside the actual-global trading enjoy of the founder who has controlled a multi-million dollar hedge fund. He completed this all at the same time as he becomes efficiently educated hundreds of people in mastering to alternate forex efficiently. ND10X includes a giant amount of his education in the form of five distinct units of motion pictures that he includes together with his master magnificence series. The motion pictures come on DVDs and arrive at your door. In recent times, very few competitors are offering bodily component systems in this degree any further.
Who is THIS device in particular DESIGNED FOR?
ND10X was optimally designed for folks that are new to buying and selling the forex markets. This allows giving an explanation for his good-sized amount of covered educational videos that provide grade by grade steering. Delic pledges to work with a tremendously small organization of only 250-300 humans at a time so that you can help make certain that they could make money on their foreign exchange trades. It's far why he turned into best offering 250 subscriptions to the brand new provider when he released.
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Mirror trading international | Asset Trading is the heart of Mirror Trading International

Mirror trading international | Asset Trading is the heart of Mirror Trading International
Mirror trading international - Many of us have a dream to simplify and change our lives. The unfortunate reality is that we hardly ever find a solution, as life demands that we do what we have always done in order to achieve what we have always achieved. We have the small hope of possibly achieving a little more, so that at some time in our lives we can actually stop, spend time with our loved ones and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.
Mirror trading international
Can this really be a reality and more importantly can this be our lives before we are too old to appreciate everything?
I have been involved in many companies over the years, but one company stands out above the rest and that is Mirror Trading International.
Albert Einstein said that ‘Any fool can complicate things but it takes a genius to simplify them’ and Leonardo da Vinci described ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.
The simplicity is in the thinking and design of the asset trading system. The philosophy of Mirror Trading International is simple and they are ‘The Investors Game Changer’. Let us look a little deeper.
What is the Asset? defines an asset as follows: An asset is a resource with economic value that an individual, corporation or country owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit.
Bitcoin is the asset that is capable of giving you a greater future benefit than any other asset. With year on year returns that are often greater than 100% and because of the scarcity of Bitcoin, many analysts believe that the price of Bitcoin will reach a value of over $100,000 in the next few years.
What if the price of Bitcoin never rises as predicted? No one is certain if the price of Bitcoin will go up or exactly when it will achieve new highs above $10000, or even the surpass the all time high of around $20000.
With this in mind, many investors need a more certain return than the simple speculation approach, where you wait for the price of Bitcoin to rise with time.
Mirror Trading International trades on the Forex markets using bitcoin as its currency and uses advanced intelligence software, so positive results add more Bitcoin to your portfolio. This enables the investor to not only have Bitcoin, but also to grow the amount of Bitcoin he has, which positions him to then take advantage of the potential long term rise in the price of Bitcoin.
What are the historical results from Mirror Trading International? The trading system is designed to typically get a monthly result of between 5-10%. The current average historical monthly result is just above 12% and historical results are no guarantee for future results.
Growing my existing Bitcoin is what I am doing as a investor with Mirror Trading International. This is not investment advice and I suggest you understand Bitcoin, and get some advice from someone who understands Bitcoin and the trading system, before starting.
Mirror trading international - If this is something that interests you, you are welcome to fill in your details on our contact page.
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Forex Trading Project system program online

Lean to trade and implement Forex Trading system blueprint into an business plan online money currency generating operation project online. Also learn all exploits, hacks, breeches, that can be used to statistically generate money trading currency online. Forex trading machine Usually only big banks invest in Forex because there the only ones who broker currency's and actually legally have insiders data which makes them the only firms able to print money using such Investment making them exclusive investors. However there is still projects and currency trading offered by banks to retail traders that are now being developed int a banking money generating system
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The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money: Algorithmic surrealism: A slow-motion guide to high-frequency trading

fintech #trading #algotrading #quantitative #quant #hft #forex #fx #crypto #gbpusd

A slow-motion guide to high-frequency trading I say 'perhaps', because it really depends on how long you pause on those commas I put in the sentence. If you’re an individual with great respect for commas you might give the algorithm a chance to throw in a few hundred more orders.
Let’s just clarify this. That means computers owned (or leased) by a firm somewhere can 1) suck in data from a stock exchange, 2) process it through a coded step-by-step rule system (algorithm) to make a decision about whether to trade or not, 3) send a message back to the exchange with an order for shares of ownership in a company – for example, a company that makes children’s toys – 4) get the order executed and confirmed, and 5) repeat this maybe 250 times a second.
Well, it could be more or less than that, too, and to be honest, few people seem to actually know how fast these algorithmic engines trade. But even if it’s only trading 50 times a second, or even a mere 10 times a second, it’s still .....
Continue reading at:
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Finding the Perfect Forex Trading Systems

Achieving Forex trading success is by no means as easy as the professionals out there make it seem. From devising cutting-edge strategies to performing arduous in-depth market research, a Forex trader has to do a lot before the smallest of profits can be seen. Make the most of the following blog on how to find the successful Forex trading system here.
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[Hilarious] Suspect Ponzi claims to be cryptomining with perpetual motion machine and water as fuel

A suspect ponzi scheme called USI-Tech, which dumped its "Forex" trading program and switched to cryptomining as their schtick, had an event in London where their "head of development" claimed they created something that gives them "virtually FREE energy" to run their cryptominers.
Wow, they can sell it to Tesla, GE, or the Saudis for billions of bucks if they actually managed to do this. But they only want to run cryptominers with it? This already fails the "makes sense" test. But that's not the end of it.
Their head of development, as far as can be verified, is head of a construction equipment rental company in Las Vegas. What does that have to do with inventing generator of "virtually free energy", who knows?
When they finally showed their items, what is actually visible on screen says
Asymmetric Permanent magnet motor / generator
Hydrogen Fuel / Electric Generator sHHO (stabilized Flow Schematic)
The first item, when you look it up in the Internet, is linked to a "free energy from vacuum" thinker kook called Tom Bearden who also invented several "overunity systems" perpetual motion machines.
The second item was referring to an HHO system, aka "run your car on water" scam. HHO systems are a scam because it cost more energy to break down water than the result can be burned for. Even Mythbusters have tested it (not that it stops more kooks online claiming Mythbusters got it wrong)
So to summarize: a suspect Ponzi scheme claims to be mining cryptocurrency with "virtually free energy" created from perpetual motion machine and "run your car on water" gas generator, oversaw by a construction rental company head (who otherwise has no credentials)
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Attorney and CPA Sean King's Insightful Thoughts on Bitcoin as the World's First "Universal Exchange".

Here's a summary for all you tl;dr types:
1) Trust is essential to efficient commerce. Without it, trade slows to a crawl. Therefore trust, or at least the illusion of it, is a useful commodity that is regularly bought and sold in the marketplace, and currently at a steep price.
2) Prior to Bitcoin, trust was "largely a mass illusion ginned up with innumerable layers of confidence building tricks."
3) For instance, as a society we insist trade take place on the books of "trusted" third parties, most often because we don't completely trust our counterparty and nobody would accept our own "proof of ownership" of a given asset as legit. We then have 4th party regulators and 5th party CPAs oversee the work of our supposedly "trusted" third party exchanges to gin up more trust in the system.
4) Even these regulators and CPAs are themselves audited--the former by the likes of the General Accounting Office and the latter via a process known as "peer review".
5) So, to create the illusion of trust, we literally have auditors auditing auditors and regulators regulating regulators. Very expensive!
6) To facilitate this regulation and auditing, which is required for confidence, we have segregated trading onto specialty exchanges, each with their own set of regs and confidence building rules that vary based upon the unique challenges of their traded commodity. For instance, stocks are traded on stock exchanges, commodities on commodities exchanges, forex on forex exchanges, real estate on the government's books (Registry of Deeds), etc.
7) Bitcoin and its offspring (smart contracts, etc.) either eliminates (in some cases) or greatly reduces (in others) the need for fake forms of "trust" in trade.
8) When trust is less required, so are the specialty exchanges and all the auditors and regulatory oversight that goes with them.
9) Bitcoin is not money or currency, it is a "Universal Exchange". "Just like a universal computer can theoretically compute any computable sequence, a Universal Exchange can be used to trade anything that's tradable." That is literally possible with Bitcoin.
10) It's impossible to place a trade or to make an entry into Bitcoin's Universal Exchange without controlling bitcoins. Since bitcoins are thus useful and scarce, they have value. "It's the law."
11) An additional benefit of legacy specialty exchanges was that they frequently facilitated barter. For instance, on stock exchanges entire companies are regularly purchased in stock swaps with comparatively little money changing hands. Same with real estate (so-called 1031 exchanges). Same with commodities of various types. Exchanges thus reduce the need for cash, though historically this has only worked when we desired to trade like assets (stock, for instance) for like assets (other stock). Trading stock for...something else...was much more difficult since everything is segregated on its own exchange subject to its own set of rules.
12) On a Universal Exchange, "I could just as easily swap stock for my car as I could stock for cash or stock for stock." With a Universal Exchange, the need for money is greatly diminished. When literally everything can be instantly traded on a single electronic exchange, a barter economy becomes scalable for the first time in history. The "double coincidence of wants" is much less of a problem/issue. On a Universal Exchange, "everything becomes readily tradable for everything else".
13) Thus, bitcoins will not soon be the medium of exchange. Rather, they are the "method by which things are exchanged in exchange for" other things or for the medium of exchange. They are what makes a Universal Exchange, with all of its fake-trust-busting characteristics, possible.
14) Thus, Bitcoins are not valuable just because you can trade things for them, but rather because you will be able to trade things with (via) them. They are valuable because they are useful in facilitating trading (just like "trusted" third parties have historically been useful in facilitating trading). "Trusted" third parties, and their auditors and regulators, can extort very high premiums for providing the illusion of trust. How much more valuable is bitcoin, which reduces or in some cases eliminates the need for such trust to begin with.
At least for now, Bitcoin doesn't replace money. Instead, it replaces fake and ginned up forms of trust. By viewing Bitcoin as a means of replacing "trusted third parties", by viewing it as the backbone of the worlds first Universal Exchange (upon which literally anything that's tradable can be traded, even in-kind), we avoid many traps. For instance, we avoid endless debates about whether bitcoins are money or not. We avoid the risk of convincing regulators that they are money or currency and should be regulated as such. We solve the problem of Mises' (endless) Regression Theorum. Etc.
Sean's full write-up can be found here:
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The ONLY Forex Trading Video You Will EVER Need - YouTube Forex System - BullsEye Forex Trading System Forex Blog - 3 Step Easy Forex Trading System April 28, 2017 The Single Strategy To Use For Is Forex trading ... Auto Forex News Trading System for Metatrader 4 Forex Trading For Beginners (Full Course) - YouTube Forex Blog - 3 Step Easy Forex Trading System October 6, 2017

Forex Trading System Our forex software is introducing people to the world of zero guesswork investing. Online forex trading is very popular on the internet today, but learning the terminology and important strategies can be overwhelming for the average person. Our forex trading system represents state-of-the-art investment technology with returns rivaling the highest paid professionals. Advanced Trading ForexForex Trading AdviceForex Trading SystemMoney Through Forex Trading Online. Sunday, July 6, 2008. Pros And Cons Of Auto Forex Trading. The pros and cons of auto forex trading is our issue of discussion today. First we need to establish what is the meaning of auto forex trading. Different traders refer to it differently. For our case, we shall set it as the "set and ... What is forex trading system about free forex trading, foreign exchange currency rates and online forex market trading. Pages. Home; Free ebooks on Forex Trading Collection; Forex Technical News. EUR/USD After a strong rally over the last few days, the pair is finally seeing some downward correction with some room for the trend to continue. Looking at the daily chart, a breach of the upper ... There are several basic reasons why I discovered that a managed Forex account trading a Forex system represents such a good investment alternative. Forex can be safer than stocks. The Forex market is open and trading 24 hours a day, 5 1/2 days a week -- because it is always daytime on half the globe and banks, corporations, and countries are always active in the market at any time. This means ... Forex trading log excel. They all loved it and more importantly they benefited from the analysis it provided and were adamant that it should be available to other aspiring traders. 1 it is my personal trading log albeit an old copy that i made in excel myself. As such its bound to strike an excel expert as amateurish. Sometimes we are so tuned into simply learning a system we forget that we ... Welcome to my forex trading system that I have set up. Over the weeks I will be adding articles on how to earn serious income with the forex trading system. Please keep coming back and checking for new information on the forex trading system. Trisha owns another blog on Forex Currency Trading System Forex Trading System . posted by Forex Trading Pro @ 10:12 AM 2 comments. Forex Trading System ... In this blog you can view or download the best forex trading systems. Hopefully be useful to you and to improve the positions . According to copyright law, we do try to avoid putting business systems .Though many free systems are better than of the business systems.Always remember analysis some systems and mixing will produce better results till a system, Of course this is my opinion And may ...

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The ONLY Forex Trading Video You Will EVER Need - YouTube

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