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Dollar is afraid of risk on steroids. Analysis as of 26.10.2020

Dollar is afraid of risk on steroids. Analysis as of 26.10.2020

Weekly fundamental forecast for dollar

The pandemic revealed the drawbacks of the eurozone’s two-speed economy. While Germany’s business activity grew, mainly due to the industrial sector, the currency bloc’s composite Purchasing Managers Index dropped to 4-month lows at 49.4. When that value is less than the key level of 50, the economy falls. Thus, the eurozone may face a double recession against the backdrop of the second wave of COVID-19. That allows selling EURUSD amid the US business activity’s continuous growth. Unfortunately, the market is overwhelmed with quite different investment ideas. At least for now.

Business activity

Source: Wall Street Journal.
Bank of New York Mellon notes that the correlation between currencies and the US stock indexes is significantly higher than in 2019. That allows us to presume their increased sensitivity to risk appetite. The bank interpreted that unusual occurrence as “risk on steroids”: the markets are waiting for Joe Biden’s victory, the S&P 500’s rally, and the greenback’s dive, which will affect dollar pairs and cross rates.
The USD is under serious pressure, but the euro itself has some trumps. There is too much spare cash in the eurozone’s bank system amid large monetary stimuli. The index reached a record high level of €3.2 trillion in October. As there’s too much spare money, it goes to the debt market: demand for the European Commission’s first bonds was €233 billion while the issuance volume was €17 billion. Since the ECB has already got a large piece of the pie by means of its pandemic-driven bond-buying program, the remaining part is fiercely contended for.

Spare liquidity in European bank system

Source: Bloomberg.
Central banks are interested in buying bonds too: according to Deutsche Bank’s research, their share in the volume of 10-year bond issuance was 40%, two times bigger than previous issuance values. Diversification of gold and currency reserves in favor of the euro is one of the key factors in the EURUSD’s consolidation.
The ECB will hardly decide to expand QE in the current circumstances at the meeting on 29 October. It doesn’t need to hurry in spite of the pandemic’s second wave, deflation, Brexit, and double recession risks. The CPI’s fall below zero may be due to temporary factors, such as Germany’s VAT cut. The program’s unused resources amount to $750 billion, whereas economic forecasts will be updated only in December. There are plenty of arguments to continue to “idle on the roadside,” but Christine Lagarde can still surprise us.

Weekly trading plan for EURUSD

If not for the ECB’s meeting and the fiscal stimulus story, we could buy EURUSD at the breakout of resistance at 1.1865 amid expectations of Joe Biden’s victory, then fix profits after 3 November and sell the pair amid the divergence in the US’ and the eurozone’s economic growth. However, other factors may interfere with that plan. The last week of October promises to be wild.
For more information follow the link to the website of the LiteForex
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The Best (free) Multi time-frame Utility/Tool for MT4 to date

The Best (free) Multi time-frame Utility/Tool for MT4 to date
Disclaimer: I am not the creator nor am i promoting this tool for any personal gain whatsoever. This is a 100% free tool that can be downloaded from the web. I am not posting here to bring attention to myself or any other website regardless of context. I'm merely sharing this utility with the intention of helping new traders and veteran traders alike. I read the subreddit rules and it's prohibited to share links to blogs, youtube, and social media; nor can we post promotional marketing activity (promotions to generate sales). Since this post doesn't directly fall into those categories this post should hopefully be okay .
Hello fellow traders,
I'd like to make a quick post to share with you guys one of my absolute favorite MT4 tools in regards to multi time-frame analysis. I cant tell you how much this tool has helped me, especially when i was a new trader years ago trying to analyze various currency pairs. So i know this will help all of you as well.
I'm sure many of you guys have asked yourself or wondered which currency pairs are the best to trade at any particular time. Well this mt4 dashboard should help steer you in the right direction when analyzing the market and add an extra level of confirmation and market sentiment to your strategy. What is does is measure price distance from moving averages and mimics the functionality of a currency strength meter on steroids. (I personally use it to find the the strongest and weakest currencies and trade those). This dashboard is fully customization in regards to time frame, MA method, price and length.
To be safe i don't want to leave a link adding reason for mods to remove this post. Its called MaDash and can be found with a quick browser search (keywords "MaDash forex"). Remember, this is free and has always been free so if anyone is trying to charge for this then your're not at the right place. Anyway, i hope you all find this tool as beneficial to your trading repertoire as i have.
Happy Trading!
Screenshot of this dashboard for reference.
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My Broker 👌🏾 (revealed)

The broker I use to trade Forex is Osprey FX.
It's basically a secured virtual wallet on steroids that lets you trade currencies, metals, and indices using MT4. Fastest same-day deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin in and Bitcoin out. I Love it!
You don't need an arm and a leg to sign up, you can start as low as $100.
Click here to get started:
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Volatility is a huge problem

Volatility is a very big problem for a currency. For something to be a currency it needs to be stable because it has to act as coordinate system for other items which are priced against. That can not be achieved without active policy to keep the currency value stable. All crypto currencies have this problem just because nobody make active policy to achieve stability and also because they are not gold this is very new tech and is hard to predict a value. Stable coins solve that problem but then become trusted dependent on audit mechanisms. So that is not great but still usdt which was the first stable coin is the most used coin with astonishing circulation in relation with relative small market cap. Somebody had the natural idea to couple stable coin backed by usd with nano. That should make a great currency like a dollar on steroids. The idea is to break loose from the exchanges and achieve real world usage. But sadly he failed. There are many reasons i think the most important is that the team was german but because of negative interest rates of euro they choose to start with the dollar. Another wrong bet was they imagine they could compete in exchanges with much stronger players like usdt, paxos, tusd etc. So now they used all the venture capital they had to run the operation. Essentially they runed out of steam before reaching a niche. Another very intresting thing i learned is the cost to run a fully audited system based on nano 1500$: 500$ primetrust 300$ accounting / entity 200 $ server cost 500 $ Dev maintenance cost (network / wallets / bots / etc) More than half is compliace costs 800$. The infrastructuse with the whole pack wallets bots browser costs 700$. Probably this is a moderatly optimistic estimate. But this is equivalent with a low cost bank which assure free transactions and can be easily integrated as extern mobile money ecosystem by any bank to compete against telecom. For me the death of the nollar is a sad day which close a great path nano teach had to show the possibilities the tech have. Now if someone has the interest and the knowledge of central/latin america mobile money and remittances market sure can turn around the this project. The project is now up for grab for free. Probably other niches can be thought like micropayments, buying and selling small value items or powering a freelance market with much lower fees than pay pal. Even forex services if the system is developed to multicurrency. All of this applications need multiple gateways which lack now. The only gate way they build is in us. And yes building links with the old banking system in several jurisdiction is the problem they did not manage to solve and the biggest reason the system was basically unusable. Who ever want nollar is his.
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How to be an Edgy Trader: Producing Positive Probabilities

After a relatively short time in Forex, most people will have heard of traders using the term "edge". "You have to have an edge", "I gotta protect my edge, man" and so on. What traders mean when they say this is something that gives them a calculated (in their perspective, anyway) reason to believe they should be profitable over enough trades. If this whole concept is completely new to you, read this for simplified explanation [link to add].

How do you actually get an edge, though? What does it mean? How does one goes about "finding their edge"?
I can only speak from a personal perspective on this, I am sure there are many more ways people have edges outside of what I am going to talk about. There will be people who have edges that are outside of my comprehension. They may be able to tell you some far cooler stuff, but I personally decided to focus on entering.

It is not a unique thought, I know. I never tried to trade-mark "enter well" but it is something I have paid particular attention to detail on. Not only how to get areas of the market that by default offer better risk reward (see more on this later in this post), but then how to put them on steroids was dialled in entries allowing for larger lots. Note, this is not to say "larger lots" means "risk everything in your account". You can risk exceptionally little as a percentage doing this, and still have the chance of good gains.

This has been something of a three part process for me. Here is how it has went;

Find areas where price is likely to reverse from where you can quickly know if you are wrong to get out.
This does not have to trend reversals, it is usually better to look for the ends of trend corrections, and enter for a new trend leg reversal. I worked out how to do this reasonably early, I think. Relative to what I have seen from others when they are starting up, I would say I was maybe on the upper end of the bell-curve in being able to broadly identify good support/resistance levels while still quite a newbie.
This might have worked out for me, if it was not for the fact I was really wanting to get tiny stops and would put far too much weight on just the levels I was selecting. Sometimes they were astonishingly accurate, which encouraged me to begin to put too much faith into them. Through this time, I was getting punked a lot in the markets. I would start to buy, get stopped out a few times and then just as I gave up buying, it would make a massive move upwards. This was so frustrating. This went on for a long time, with me constantly trying to make the forecasting of specific levels more accurate, which was what I thought the fix was.
This was a good first step. Although it felt hellish at the time, I can see now that getting a good general grasp of levels price may bounce from, or make significant breakouts through, is a good fundamental skill to have.

Expecting and accounting for spikes. Turning my foe to a friend.

So basically what happened is it got smacked with so many spike outs that I started to look at it as "it will be the place I think, plus a dirty spike" (me and spikes were not on speaking terms, at this point). This part there was a lot of arbitrariness. At the time I probably thought of it as "more art than science", but looking back on it I see while I was focusing on how unfair the spikes were and basically just "fuck you" selling into spikes. This was going a bit better, meh ... well, no this also kind sucked.
At this point I would sometimes get rock'n'roll star entries. This made me feel good. Very clever. I was not actually doing all that well, though. I could just sometimes get the spectacular entry I'd been on the hunt for. So there were times I felt particularly smug and clever during this time, but overall I was still losing. The real bane of this part became targeting. Once I'd got my rock'n'roll star entry, what now? It may sound like a good problem to have, but having risk set for a 5 pips stop and a trade up 25 pips with the potential to drop 100 more presents some serious problems. There is a lot of scope to make mistakes here. Also, even if you do what I would now consider to be the right thing (and clearly so), there is a lot of scope to do the right thing and end up feeling like you screwed up. This was what was getting me mostly in this time. My entries were good enough for me to cover my losses in big winning trades, but I was not managing big winning trades efficiently. On a psychological note, when I'd get these big decisions (having to be made in seconds sometimes) wrong, I would often lose my cool and any sense of actual trading rational.

This time was hard. I felt like what it must feel to be tired climbing a mountain, and find your intended route blocked. You can see the summit right there, but you lack a way to get there. You have already drained so many of your physical and mental resources to get where you are and now it is seriously time to ask yourself is it time to climb back down.
I decided to climb up. Then I fell a bunch of times. Licked my wounds. Fell again. Felt uber sorry for myself, and then finally got a grip and started to climb again.

Specific Entry Strategies

It was someone else who told me, they said something to me and it was really a very simple thing. I think others must have said the same thing to me many times also, but it flew in the face of my general idea of "I want to be selling the end of the spike for best possible entry". I won't go into the details of what it was, but it basically amounted to making me see that not having a predicable and repeatable level to set my stops and targets was preventing me from being able to create an edge, or even if I did; I could not understand what it was.

I started to notice things, that I'd literally watched 1,000s of times happen before and see them as nuisance rather than opportunity. I noticed the levels I'd pick price would often stall at them. Then quickly wick (which was why the "fuck you" selling into spikes worked from time to time). I further noticed that a lot of the times I was getting in at the optimum price (and I was getting rather good at this by now), when I was having big profitable trades come back against me and stop me out at tiny break even profits only to then trend for what would have been $$$, 80% or so of the time it seemed to reverse right off the original level, or close enough anyway. These two things had been killing me. The spike out of my entry level and the retrace of my profits to be slight + break even stop outs (I'd panic and close them before they went bad ... or sometimes, I'd not, and they'd go bad).

I came to see that these two things I'd blamed for being the reason I was losing were actually assets to be within my scope to benefit from. If rather than doing what I was doing and getting full risk on too early, I waited to see if it wicked through, made a convincing move and then retested my original level. If it did, the wick could be my stop loss. This was tiny. This was so much better than selling into the wick and "guesstimating" the stop ... by which of course I mean "fucking it right up".

Practical Chart Examples
Let's say on this chart I has hypothetically selected the blue level as my sell level. This is obviously a great level if I can target close to the lows and get it even 40% of the time. My stops are tiny, and my reward is big.

Here is how I'd lose all my money while being fundamentally right here;

In phase one, I am selling 2 bars before the high, where there is the doji sort of candle. I am short, I have sold the top pip and I feel smug. Then I get spiked out. I sell a few other times with same results, then probably switch long to just completely trash my day.

In phase two, I am doing the same kinda thing but I am thinking I have out foxed the market by waiting and I start to sell into big candle breaking out of the doji. Here I have more chance of getting the trade, but often price just presses a bit too far with me being squeezed out at the high.

This chart does not really give a good representation of how things would work in phrase three, because I would be using smaller charts and looking for the signs of price action reversing, and then looking for the spots where I can get in tucking stops behind a close high. Essentially it is just added patience and being more tactical when it comes to entering.

You can see if the pay off for a "normal stop" risk reward trade would be a good one here (probably 1:3 or 1:4), the overall scope for massive profit potential (without massive risk) is humongous. Often this will be decreased because you have to trail up stops and price retraces, but if price trends aggressively, 1:20 sort of risk:reward trades can be found here. 1:10 are a lot more common. 1:5 are somewhat frequent.

Through dedicated study to how to enter and target from these sort of moves, I have gotten to a point where I can hit that 1:5 trade more than 20% of the time. Over long periods of time (assuming markets continue to be as they were), I should expect to break even by getting this 20% win rate, and when times are good, win rates like 40 - 50% lead to extraordinary profits, without extraordinary risks.

This is where I have carved out my edge in trading. It is largely based on the concepts of swings/trends formation, support and resistance and classic reversal patterns. All widely available to learn about. Then I put excessive hours of focus on how to turn that common knowledge into uncommon ability.

A determined person reading this, should be able to go and do that for themselves, based on the information provided here to get them started.

(Disclaimer, it took me YEARS, the roses here have thorns ... I want to reiterate, expect this to take some time. Even with me telling you the mistakes I squandered so much time on and how to hack past them)

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Weekly Roundup

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Popular Chinese teenage star speaks up for youth at UN Forum: Wang Yuan, UNICEF Special Advocate for Education and member of TFBoys, addressed a global audience of youth, leaders and development experts before the closing plenary of the 7th Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum
  2. China says it welcomes investment by foreign companies as long as they respect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity
  3. Trump wants $716 Billion by 2019 to pursue "aggressive defense" against China
  4. Why Is China Buying Up Europe’s Ports? In bustling ports from Singapore to the North Sea, state-owned Chinese firms are turning the idea into a reality with a series of aggressive acquisitions that are physically redrawing the map of global trade and political influence
  5. Taiwan Social Media in Uproar, Surprised by What Expats Would do (litter, stereotype locals, with no "bad intentions")
  6. Taiwan Calls on its Firms not to Break North Korea Sanctions (after a report found a network of ships supplying petroleum products based in Taiwan)
  7. Tillerson China-bashing turns counterproductive
  8. #Venezuela Skirts U.S. Sanctions With Chinese Oil-For-Cash Loans: Oil-for-loan deals between Beijing and Caracas are preventing American sanctions from having their full effect on Venezuela’s economy, according to David Malpass, U.S. treasury under-secretary for international affairs
  9. China’s new pitch to win over #Taiwan: Our jobs are better. About 420,000 Taiwanese people, 58% of those employed off the island, worked in China as of 2015. They earn 1.2 to 1.3 times more money on average than in Taiwan
  10. Beijing has duty to make Taiwan abide by UN sanctions
  11. Chinese-funded projects totaling 53 have created 16,511 jobs for Ugandans in the first 11 months of 2017, while bilateral trade between China and #Uganda amounted to 750 million U.S. dollars during the same period
  12. China Reportedly Negotiating Creation of Military Base With #Afghanistan: “We are going to build it [the base] but the Chinese government has committed to help the division financially, provide equipment and train the Afghan soldiers,” Defense Ministry deputy spokesman said
  13. Asia University Rankings 2018 released: China and Hong Kong have five of the top 10 institutions in Asia, 12 of the top 20 and 30 of the top 100
  14. China is guest of honor at 27th Havana International Book Fair: More than 200 Chinese writers, artists and representatives from publishing houses are attending. They are offering a wide range of contemporary Chinese literature, translated into Spanish
  15. China and #Vietnam close to landmark deal on streamlined joint border checkpoint. The two countries share a 1,280km (795 mile) land border and have been discussing a “two countries, one inspection” system for several years
  16. China's spending in Central and Eastern European countries is helping clear a path toward more investment in Western Europe, one former economic adviser to the Serbian government told CNBC
  17. With Sri Lankan port acquisition, China adds another 'pearl' to its 'string'
  18. Russia and China vie to beat the US in the trillion-dollar race to control the #Arctic
  19. Lavish military parades are almost an art form in North Korea, Russia and China. Will Trump reintroduce them in Washington DC? [It's explicitly confirmed Trump wants to do it after watching France's military parade, I wonder why others "Soviet style hardware display" are being dragged in]
  20. U.S. remains committed to one-China policy, Tillerson says
  21. Russia and China challenge dollar domination Iran joining
  22. While Trump eyes Latin America with malign neglect, China sees opportunity
  23. U.S. and China reaffirm commitment to pressure North Korea
  24. Donald Trump Offers a Helping Hand to China and Russia
  25. Alibaba kicks off sponsor deal in Pyeongchang
  26. China's Su smashes indoor 60m Asian record for 2nd time in four days
  27. China’s latest move in the graveyard of empires
  28. US hits Uighur terror group to impress China
In Domestic news
  1. China to vitalise its rural areas
  2. Chinese #Eden Project to feature world's highest indoor waterfall: An artist’s impression features one large biome and a series of streams and lakes. The waterfall will plunge from 50m – the height of Niagara Falls
  3. [HD] New photos show South China Sea construction close to completion
  4. China Could Steer Self-Driving Cars
  5. China's first automated restaurant opens in Hangzhou: 24-hour a day restaurant features intelligent ordering, service notifications, self-service dining, and automatic payments
  6. Long March 2D launches platform for earthquake observation into space: The satellite is an important platform for studying the electromagnetic environment of Earth and has vital applications in research into the precursors of earthquakes
  7. China Taking the Lead in Space
  8. Face Recognition Glasses Augment China’s Railway Cops
  9. #Quantum Video Call Displays the Future of Secure Communication: Previously, we knew that the 75 minute call used Micius to send data, contained in photons, to two stations operated by China and Europe. Now, however, we know the specifics regarding how everything came together
  10. How China’s AI technology can help Twitter’s suicidal users: The system has been used on Weibo for the past nine months, identifying more than 20,000 users who expressed suicidal thoughts and sending messages to them with a hotline number and online tools to get professional help
  11. In China, these facial-recognition glasses are helping police to catch criminals
  12. China’s tough #cyber rules raise risk of infiltration, US business group says: In a report, the council said China should open access to cloud computing services, level the playing field in technology procurement and allow foreign firms to send copies of data abroad for analysis and processing
  13. China to build the country’s first heating nuclear reactor
  14. Controlling quantum interactions in a single material: breakthrough could enable ultrafast, low-power electronics and quantum computers that operate faster than current models in the areas of data acquisition, processing, and exchange. Jiangang He and Franchini served as the paper's co-first authors
  15. Citation impact helps China surge ahead in latest Asia rankings: China has 63 institutions, up from 54 last year, and a breakdown of its average scores in each metric shows that as well as citation impact, it has also made significant ground on research income and the reputation of its universities
In Economic news
  1. China to Probe U.S. Sorghum Subsidies
  2. Baidu’s plan: beat Google in self-driving cars with a totally Google-y move
  3. China to launch anti-dumping investigation into U.S. sorghum imports
  4. China’s forex new year resolution: hit illegal currency outflows hard
  5. World markets crash, except for China
  6. Trump said he’d shrink the trade deficit with China. It just hit a record high.
  7. Government policy constrains Embraer, Bombardier jet offerings for China regional airlines
  8. What happened in China business last week?
  9. Renault-Nissan and Didi plan self-driving ride service in China
  10. Global times: The idea that China has more to lose in a trade war with the US is absurd| Hu Says
  11. Daimler apologizes to China for quoting Dalai Lama: #Daimler has no intention of questioning or challenging in any manner China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Offers no support, assistance, aid or help to anyone who intentionally subverts or attempts to subvert China's sovereignty
  12. This small electric car made by GM’s Chinese joint-venture can cost just $5,600
  13. China Set To Launch Yuan-Prices Oil Futures Next Month
In Military news
  1. China’s plan to use artificial intelligence to boost the thinking skills of nuclear submarine commanders. Equipping nuclear submarines with AI would give China an upper hand in undersea battles
  2. China’s military fires up world first in revolutionary rail gun technology
  3. China conducts missile interception test: Midcourse interception is often regarded as the most difficult in the three flight phases because the incoming missile usually reaches its maximum speed and height during its flight above the atmosphere
  4. PLAAF Su-35 patrol South China Sea
  5. China Intercepts Missile in Space One Week After Failed US Attempt
  6. China plans sea-based anti-missile shields ‘for Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean’
  7. Missile defense test in pursuit of equilibrium: US has been talking recently with its list of rogue states and its portrayals of China and Russia as predatory rivals and revisionist powers challenging the rules-based order. But then the biggest lies are usually told with shows of sincerity
  8. China sends advanced fighter jets to South China Sea for first time
  9. US warns about the expanding nuclear arsenals of China, Russia, and North Korea
  10. China's military facilities in #SouthChinaSea 'almost ready': runways for the three biggest islands have been completed. Lighthouses, radar domes, hangars and buildings have been built, while helipads, wind turbines and observation and communication towers can be seen on four smaller islands
  11. Electromagnetic guns should be fitted on China's new destroyer the Type 055: Because direction energy weapons, including electromagnetic and laser guns, would consume a huge amount of energy, only warships with integrated full electronic propulsion systems could meet such energy requirements
  12. China's CH-4 drone completes first live-fire test: The tested CH-4 is an upgraded version of the model which was first produced in 2015
  13. Pentagon: China, Russia Soon Capable of Destroying U.S. #Satellites. The report concludes that "China and Russia will be capable of severely disrupting or destroying U.S. satellites in low-earth orbit" in the next several years, said the officials
  14. China Using AI to Build Nuclear #Submarine That Can 'Think for Itself': The "machine learning" process means the computer running the nuclear submarine would be able to work without any human involvement, receiving knowledge, building on its skills and developing new battle strategies
  15. China's Su-35 fighter jets, J-20 stealth jets to maintain airspace safety
Other Notables
  1. Chaoyang resident discovers suspects by unusual food delivery: Residents living in #Chaoyang District, Beijing were given the nickname of “world’s fifth largest intelligence agency”, by Chinese netizens due to their excellent intelligence-gathering ability
  2. In 2017 mainland China grew GDP by $USD 1.055 Trillion, an all time record high.
  3. Happy Lunar New Year flash mob dance
  4. Operation Red Sea - Wolf Warrior on steroids, coming out this month people.
  5. Bruce Lee Star Wars Mashup Is Amazing
  6. Jackie Chan & Arnold Schwarzenegger: Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask.
  7. The Monkey King 3 Trailer #1 (w/ English Subs)
  8. China's SCS artificial island sizes (Washington DC for Scale)
  9. Oriental Dreamworks Relaunches As 100% Chinese-Owned Pearl Studio: The studio’s first release will be Everest, the previously announced Dreamworks Animation film
  10. Mercedes-Benz aggravates Chinese consumers with Instagram post quoting Dalai Lama
  11. 沒有共產黨就沒有新中國 Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China 1080pHD
  12. “Monkey King” actor from the 1986 TV series performing for the New Years Gala
  13. CCP need to put a mandate onto Chinese film industry
  14. [Traditional Instrument Music] 吹簫人去玉樓空
  15. Uncovered Chinese tomb is confirmed as belonging to eldest son of Han Dynasty emperor who was kicked out just a month into the job
  16. Why China Loves Trump
  17. China's irresistible rise
  18. What's Taiwan DPP hiding after the Earthquake? They are refusing all official help from EVERY government except Japan
  19. Discover the ancient city site of Xiongnu
  20. Han Geng publicly announces his relationship with Wolf Warriors 2 actress Celina Jade
  21. Su Bingtian 60m 6.43 New Asian Record - Dusseldorf 2018 [1080p]
  22. Nanjing and Hangzhou by 木白-文
  23. 9,000-year-old wells found in central China: Previously it was believed that wells first appeared along the Yangtze River some 6,000 to 7,000 years ago in the late Neolithic period
  24. Haval's futuristic car concept ad
  25. The Quad Jump Is Changing Figure Skating. Nathan Chen Is Leading the Way
  26. 南禅寺 Nanchan Temple was built in 782 during China’s Tang dynasty, and its Great Buddha Hall is currently China’s oldest preserved timber building extant
  27. Niagara Falls lit up in red to welcome Chinese New Year: "In celebration of the Chinese New Year, and in recognition of 2018 being designated the Canada-China Year of Tourism, we are glad to illuminate Niagara Falls in a shade of red this evening,"
  28. Jeremy Lin leads NBA's record-setting Chinese New Year celebrations
  29. A Libertarian’s Take on China’s Belt & Road Initiative
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What I learned with Litecoin trading

I took some classes in investing a few months back.
My teacher told our class to.. accept your failure when the price goes below a certain level, and your loss is immense you should cut it off and not make it any worse. I agree with him, but on this market it's different.
''The cryptocurrency market is like the Forex one but on steroids''. It doesn't matter if it goes down, because it will go back up that place I bought it from because the growth of Litecoin in the long run will go above 50$, 100$ etc. The only thing that is fucked up is that I wont be able to participate any further in trading till it reaches my buy in point. This might take a week orso till it reaches my buy in point. I call this stage a lock out.
Just my two cents for people new.
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Gild Statistics for 2014-06-21

Data from last 1000 gilds in a total of 271 subreddits (bolded subreddits are abnormally gilded):
Subreddit Gild Count
/Planetside 190
/AskReddit 82
/AdviceAnimals 66
/bestof 46
/funny 32
/videos 26
/todayilearned 23
/soccer 20
/Christianity 18
/pics 16
/WTF 12
/worldnews 9
/Bitcoin 8
/SFGiants 8
/theydidthemath 6
/news 6
/tifu 6
/relationships 5
/leagueoflegends 5
/pcmasterrace 5
/reactiongifs 5
/dogs 5
/Coilporn 5
/politics 5
/IAmA 5
/gaming 5
/photoshopbattles 4
/gifs 4
/nba 4
/WritingPrompts 4
/apple 4
/explainlikeimfive 4
/thatHappened 3
/AskMen 3
/whowouldwin 3
/medicine 3
/beards 3
/HeroesofNewerth 3
/canada 3
/nosleep 3
/asoiaf 3
/sex 3
/gonewild 3
/science 3
/PhotoshopRequest 3
/Futurology 3
/htcone 3
/TalesFromRetail 2
/Showerthoughts 2
/texas 2
/GoForGold 2
/cringepics 2
/shittyaskscience 2
/Justrolledintotheshop 2
/gamedev 2
/casualiama 2
/programming 2
/personalfinance 2
/MegaLounge 2
/TrollXChromosomes 2
/OldSchoolCool 2
/Ubuntu 2
/raisedbynarcissists 2
/InternetIsBeautiful 2
/fatlogic 2
/tipofmytongue 2
/mildlyinfuriating 2
/worldpolitics 2
/TheRedPill 2
/movies 2
/DotA2 2
/KerbalSpaceProgram 2
/formula1 2
/vancouver 2
/nottheonion 2
/announcements 2
/aww 2
/hearthstone 2
/camping 2
/bicycling 2
/CFB 2
/atheism 2
/Accounting 2
/ImGoingToHellForThis 2
/Forex 1
/PSO2 1
/annamasterrace 1
/pettyrevenge 1
/excel 1
/NonGold 1
/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu 1
/ExpectationVsReality 1
/everymanshouldknow 1
/skiing 1
/SummerReddit 1
/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon 1
/gaybros 1
/TheoryOfReddit 1
/Yogscast 1
/ketogains 1
/picrequests 1
/GrandTheftAutoV 1
/churning 1
/australia 1
/TalesFromYourServer 1
/GoneMild 1
/Guildwars2 1
/hockeyplayers 1
/vegan 1
/Food_Pantry 1
/food 1
/Entrepreneur 1
/Moustache 1
/Colorado 1
/Braveryjerk 1
/Astronomy 1
/asianamerican 1
/NoFap 1
/trackers 1
/DIY 1
/woahdude 1
/Watches 1
/FIFAShowdownLeague2 1
/SubredditDrama 1
/techsupport 1
/Libertarian 1
/Bravenewbies 1
/YouShouldKnow 1
/nfl 1
/AskWomen 1
/DrawForMe 1
/poker 1
/redditgetsdrawn 1
/SanJose 1
/AutoDetailing 1
/changemyview 1
/mylittlepony 1
/Cinemagraphs 1
/DeadBedrooms 1
/gameofthrones 1
/humor 1
/AfterEffects 1
/shittyadviceanimals 1
/pokemon 1
/spotify 1
/DebateReligion 1
/outside 1
/mindcrack 1
/freedonuts 1
/guns 1
/userexperience 1
/promos 1
/trashy 1
/GlobalOffensive 1
/circlebroke2 1
/Surface 1
/Frugal 1
/Tucson 1
/baseball 1
/vinyl 1
/Roadcam 1
/giftcardexchange 1
/Romania 1
/battlefield_4 1
/redditdev 1
/DCcomics 1
/relationship_advice 1
/mac 1
/OkCupid 1
/dogecoin 1
/anime 1
/Cartalk 1
/holdmybeer 1
/buildapc 1
/hawks 1
/weddingplanning 1
/steroids 1
/selfie 1
/hiphopheads 1
/Honda 1
/Music 1
/Documentaries 1
/EarthPorn 1
/Calgary 1
/3Dprinting 1
/tf2 1
/Damnthatsinteresting 1
/MorbidReality 1
/longboarding 1
/pokemontrades 1
/cycling 1
/Drugs 1
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 1
/SquaredCircle 1
/bostonceltics 1
/Homebrewing 1
/LakeCharles 1
/Brooklyn 1
/cats 1
/PenmanshipPorn 1
/FixMyPrint 1
/herbalism 1
/happy 1
/ColoradoSprings 1
/gaymers 1
/myfriendwantstoknow 1
/MakeupAddiction 1
/HistoricalWhatIf 1
/Civcraft 1
/oldpeoplefacebook 1
/ftlgame 1
/HomeImprovement 1
/RedditRescueForce 1
/MapPorn 1
/memphis 1
/BBQ 1
/Reds 1
/television 1
/infj 1
/beermoney 1
/history 1
/ICanDrawThat 1
/AskScienceFiction 1
/worldcup 1
/Pathfinder_RPG 1
/india 1
/teenagers 1
/Atheists 1
/learnprogramming 1
/PussyPass 1
/webdev 1
/Briggs 1
/ShitRedditSays 1
/Android 1
/HighQualityGifs 1
/migraine 1
/technology 1
/Cairns 1
/Parenting 1
/OutOfTheLoop 1
/depression 1
/cigars 1
/PHPhelp 1
/wallpapers 1
/paydaytheheist 1
/TiADiscussion 1
/askscience 1
/canucks 1
/translator 1
/ExperiencedVapers 1
/Games 1
/EnoughLibertarianSpam 1
/Minecraft 1
/PipeTobacco 1
/MyNameCouldntBeAsLong 1
/aussievapers 1
/offmychest 1
/feedthebeast 1
/peloton 1
/redditlogos 1
/WildStar 1
/vaporents 1
/exjw 1
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Gild Statistics for 2014-06-22

Data from last 1000 gilds in a total of 265 subreddits (bolded subreddits are abnormally gilded):
Subreddit Gild Count
/Planetside 227
/AskReddit 121
/funny 32
/videos 26
/pics 20
/todayilearned 20
/AdviceAnimals 18
/soccer 17
/aww 17
/Christianity 16
/WTF 15
/TalesFromRetail 9
/nba 8
/SFGiants 8
/explainlikeimfive 8
/IAmA 8
/orioles 7
/gaming 7
/news 6
/sweden 6
/teenagers 6
/beards 5
/leagueoflegends 5
/Coilporn 5
/tifu 5
/tipofmytongue 5
/science 5
/politics 5
/gifs 4
/worldnews 4
/pcmasterrace 4
/MegaLounge 4
/buildapcforme 4
/NonGold 3
/theydidthemath 3
/gonewild 3
/trees 3
/WritingPrompts 3
/programming 3
/apple 3
/rugbyunion 3
/PersonalFinanceCanada 3
/anime 3
/summonerschool 2
/Showerthoughts 2
/woahdude 2
/GoForGold 2
/announcements 2
/Steam 2
/photoshopbattles 2
/mildlyinteresting 2
/TrollXChromosomes 2
/medicine 2
/gamedev 2
/casualiama 2
/personalfinance 2
/dogecoin 2
/GreatApes 2
/hawks 2
/tf2 2
/AskHistorians 2
/cringepics 2
/nosleep 2
/Ubuntu 2
/mildlyinfuriating 2
/ftlgame 2
/redditgetsdrawn 2
/AskMen 2
/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon 2
/sex 2
/movies 2
/sysadmin 2
/webdev 2
/HeroesofNewerth 2
/FutureWhatIf 2
/Games 2
/hearthstone 2
/oculus 2
/atheism 2
/Accounting 2
/ImGoingToHellForThis 2
/WildStar 2
/photoshop 1
/Forex 1
/annamasterrace 1
/electronic_cigarette 1
/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu 1
/gaybros 1
/PoliticalDiscussion 1
/VoxelGameDev 1
/spiders 1
/Greyhounds 1
/skiing 1
/NoFap 1
/AnimalsBeingJerks 1
/memphis 1
/buildapc 1
/Yogscast 1
/ProRevenge 1
/ketogains 1
/picrequests 1
/mindcrack 1
/whowouldwin 1
/NLSSCircleJerk 1
/Reds 1
/australia 1
/TalesFromYourServer 1
/chemicalreactiongifs 1
/BDSMcommunity 1
/smashbros 1
/unitedkingdom 1
/Jokes 1
/suggestmeabook 1
/EngineeringPorn 1
/iamverysmart 1
/Moustache 1
/infj 1
/motorcycles 1
/Elephants 1
/nfl 1
/4chan 1
/Enhancement 1
/ems 1
/SQL 1
/Libertarian 1
/userexperience 1
/cringe 1
/behindthegifs 1
/YouShouldKnow 1
/ExpectationVsReality 1
/whatisthisthing 1
/AskWomen 1
/DrawForMe 1
/EngineeringStudents 1
/serbia 1
/xboxone 1
/SanJose 1
/glitch_art 1
/TwoXChromosomes 1
/fantasyfootball 1
/cigars 1
/canada 1
/Coffee 1
/htcone 1
/humor 1
/AfterEffects 1
/space 1
/lotr 1
/wow 1
/TaylorSwift 1
/Frozen 1
/outside 1
/PKA 1
/TagPro 1
/PetiteGoneWild 1
/bestof 1
/techsupport 1
/ebikes 1
/NYYankees 1
/cscareerquestions 1
/longboarding 1
/AskElectronics 1
/whatcarshouldIbuy 1
/Android 1
/Tucson 1
/herbalism 1
/Roadcam 1
/GlobalOffensive 1
/pokemontrades 1
/PoliticalHumor 1
/nursing 1
/relationship_advice 1
/melbourne 1
/trashy 1
/Quebec 1
/GameDeals 1
/evangelion 1
/HFY 1
/whatsthisbug 1
/asoiaf 1
/weddingplanning 1
/steroids 1
/selfie 1
/reactiongifs 1
/beerwithaview 1
/feet 1
/GrandTheftAutoV 1
/Firearms 1
/Warhammer40k 1
/Columbus 1
/giftcardexchange 1
/networking 1
/TheRedPill 1
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 1
/Homebrewing 1
/LakeCharles 1
/gif 1
/SubredditDrama 1
/cats 1
/ireland 1
/peacecorps 1
/raisedbynarcissists 1
/musictheory 1
/battlefield_4 1
/dogs 1
/hockey 1
/ColoradoSprings 1
/Fallout 1
/WastedGifs 1
/GalaxyS3 1
/LifeProTips 1
/bostonceltics 1
/KerbalSpaceProgram 1
/watch_dogs 1
/Colorado 1
/beermoney 1
/worldpolitics 1
/Flipping 1
/newzealand 1
/offbeat 1
/PhotoshopRequest 1
/happy 1
/worldpowers 1
/ICanDrawThat 1
/windowsphone 1
/formula1 1
/INeedFeminismBecause 1
/FIFAShowdownLeague2 1
/Cooking 1
/conspiracy 1
/gameofthrones 1
/asianamerican 1
/technology 1
/gaymers 1
/ForeverAlone 1
/bicycling 1
/needadvice 1
/orlandpark 1
/TumblrInAction 1
/vancouver 1
/Cinemagraphs 1
/nottheonion 1
/reddevils 1
/cycling 1
/economy 1
/talesfromtechsupport 1
/paydaytheheist 1
/askscience 1
/ExperiencedVapers 1
/Dodgers 1
/vegan 1
/Tribes 1
/wallpapers 1
/Minecraft 1
/ModernMagic 1
/lakeland 1
/tech 1
/Fishing 1
/streetwear 1
/vaporents 1
/RedditRescueForce 1
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